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Internal logistics organization

Trainer Arkadiusz Cieślik
Duration 2 days
Course program: Closed internet based training
Trainings recipients
  • Heads of production / logistics / warehouse departments
  • Production planners, logistics, and buyer specialist
  • Production management
  • Medium and lower management level
Training program:
  • Definition of material flow,
  • What is logistics – the main tasks and goals,
  • Comparison of traditional and slim logistics,
  • Logistics management parameters
  • Requirements for logistics: operation flexibility
  • Flow optimization tools & material demand planning
  • Just in Time strategy & other logistic type
  • Material flow management
Benefits for participants:
  • Ability to define logistic tasks,
  • The ability to perform the analysis of the flow of materials,
  • Flow management systems seeds knowledge: dependent / independent demand,
  • Knowledge of modern methods and tools for planning and organizing logistics..
Additional Information
Training type Closed – internet based
Training place To be agreed
Costs 600 US$ per group 8-10 persons
Price includes
  • Materials sent on email
  • Power point presentation
  • Participation certificate
Certification After the training, each Participant will receive a personal certificate containing a training program and confirming the acquired skills.
  • day 1 start. 9.00 – 16.00
  • day 2 start. 9.00 – 16.00
Contact Email:
We guarantee
  • Perfect training conditions,
  • Large numbers of examples from other projects/ companies,
  • High level professional training documetation,
  • Experienced lecturers – with wide knowledge & practice in implementing
  • Lean management tools and high didactic qualifications.