30 July 2019




I am pleased to recommend Arkadiusz Cieślik as Lean Manufacturing consultant. I have been working with him during projects executed in our company regarding: 1. Reorganization of battery sequence area. 2. Training Value Stream Mapping methodology. 3. 5S and stock space occupation area improvement. As a manager of people involved in all of these projects, I am pleased to write that Arkadiusz Cieślik representing Consulman PI Sp. z o.o. Company has proved himself as an reliable team worker and leader showing training and consulting services with proper level of professional approach. He brought a lot of knowledge, fresh look and improvement ideas to our daily processes.

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As a president of the ConuslmanPl Sp.z o.o. company, I am pleased to write a referrence letter for Arkadiusz Cieślik and BDC — Business Development Company. Arkadiusz Cieślik was working with me since 2006 at the beginning as indepedent Lean Manufacturing consultant and since 2013 as BDC Business Development Consulting company till December 2014. During this time he was responsilbe for Lean Manufacturing project implementations. Since 2013 the BDC company was also responsible for marketing and new customers researching. Arkadiusz Cieślik has proved himself as an excellent team worker and leader showing ability to meet the deadline without compromising with the quality of work.


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